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Festival of Death, Day 11: Hanki
Sydämenrohkeus jumped up from her bed, when she heard a loud creaking of her front door. She stared down from the loft, eyes not yet fully open, and saw barely a colorful figure entering her lair. Her friend, Hopeajuova, jumped away from the door, looking startled.
''Frick, Rohkeus, don't set up traps like that to the front door!'' she yelled and entered the room quickly. Sydämenrohkeus squinted, trying to regain her vision back from the dreamland.
''I'm sorry, Hopeajuova, I forgot'', she mumbled when the other female dropped her bags on the floor. Suddenly an amber ball of fluff rushed past the long-tailed demon, climbed up to the loft and jumped on Sydämenrohkeus. Hopeajuova was able to hear muffled screaming and licking sounds, when kukuri said hello to his handler. The demon proceeded to empty the fridge while the corteer tried to remove young rook from her bed.
''Hanki, I'll drown! Lemme go!'' Sydämenrohkeus yelled and jumped out from her bed, shaking herself f
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 1 0
Festival of Death, Day 10: Pakkanen and Vihma
It was really unlikely to Pakkanen to walk around, without his gears or mission. He held his head down, glaring at anyone who made a contact with his fur in the thick crowd. Vihma on his other side felt how tense the youngster was and let out a heavy sigh. Pakkanen immediately darted his eyes to older rook and perked his ears.
''What is wrong now, old man? Can't I even have a single moment of privacy?'' the pearl rook spit, revealing his teeth for a second. He was irritated and in a bad mood, when he had to follow Vihma around. The hazel rook stayed calm, despite from the anger burst of his student.
''Nothing is wrong, Pakkanen, except your whole attitude'', he answered gently, ''Why you're angry?''
''I'm not angry'', the pearl rook answered, avoiding the gaze of older rook. They were standing in the middle of the flow of citizens, and moon was caking the city with silver light. All little lanters looked like stars in the darkness, all houses had atleast one lantern on their door.
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 1 0
Festival of Death, Day 9: Vatukka and Nilkanpurija
This is tale how Vatukka got bored.
Crimson dove yawned loudly, licking her lips in boredom. She was standing outside the city, tied on a pole that contained couple horses besides the kukuri. Her handler was inside, probably drinking again with the locals. It was her favorite thing to do besides smashing skulls with her blade. Vatukka was her loyal mount, but sometimes the duty contained so much standing around that kukuri couldn't bear it. Vatukka scratched herself under the armor and looked around with half-closed eyelids. People were celebrating the festival of Death in here too. After festival started, she and her handler had travelled all across the country after the food and drinks. This city didn't allow mounts inside, so Vatukka was forced to stay behind and listen the music behind walls. She didn't mind though, but it was endlessly boring without her traveling companion Ruttu around.
Vatukka winced when she felt something dashing between her hind legs and managed to get a glim
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SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 53 7 Leaves of Autumn :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 23 6 Arisen :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 30 20 Family Football (collab) :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 28 2
Festival of Death, Day 8: Kaneli
''Run like a wind and taste the hunt!''
A young kukuri leaped from the cliff, just in time before a chunky werewolf landed on top of the rock, staring down at the animal with its glowing eyes. It had wide smirk on its face, when it leaped down, landing on thin layer of snow on top of some moss. The kukuri ran already way ahead, climbing the steed cliffside up with determined look on his face. On its frontpaws it was holding a small brown, freckled egg and he made sure he had a good hold on it when he jumped around. When kukuri needed all its four paws, it put the egg gently in his mouth. The werewolf was catching up though. They were hardly same size, kukuri being just barely smaller, but the wolf was running on four legs much faster than kukuri on two. The werewolf also climbed a lot faster, since it had longer arms. Kukuri reached the top of the mountain and disappeared, while werewolf started scaling the wall upwards.
On the other side of the mountain was a small, primitive village.
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 2 0
Festival of Death, Day 7: Raatotanssija and Synti
The whole day had been pretty grey and cold, but during the evening the storm finally arrived. It was raining like crazy, big raindrops smashing down to the ground and drumming against little town near the seashore. Wind howled, and threw raindrops around, making the horisont seem foggy and blurry. Two kukuris pushed themselves through the rainfall, towards the tavern in upper level of the city. Raven dove, who had stricking red hood and pointy fin-horns growing from her cheeks, shook herself even before they were near the building. She stopped for a while, taking a look to the ocean, but it was way too misty to see anything beyond couple feet away from her. The other kukuri, large crimson rook, turned around and looked at his sister with his glowing yellow eyes.
''C'mon now, Synti! The rain isn't gonna turn to stone if you keep staring at it. Even if it could happen with your eyes anyway'', he called and continued his walk. Synti turned herself around and followed her brother Raatotan
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 3 0
To See Beauty in Hawthorns :iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 26 9
Festival of Death, Day 6: Ruhtinas
Kuparinkiilto opened the heavy wooden door and stepped outside. The beautiful weather was just couraging her when she sniffed the air and started jogging. It was warm day during late spring, but that wasn't the only one that was worth waiting for; it was first day of the month of the Death. The agile female dashed through red-colored mountains, descending to the forest that was beaming with life. She took a huge leap from familiar rock and grapped the branches nearby, swinging herself forward and flying through the air. During the swing she let out a calling cry, which scared the birds from nearby bushes. Kuparinkiilto stopped her run near forest creek and saw a familiar shadow moving among the trees.
''C'mon Ruhtinas! We go to town today'', she said and a giant animal peeked through trees, holding its majestic head high up. It was her kukuri, raven rook who had shining, magnificent moose horns like never seen before. It stopped before the handler and for a while they looked at each ot
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Festival of Death, Day 5: Vainoharha and Myrkky
''Drinks on me tonight!''
The whole bar was sparking with life. All candles were emitting bright lights, fireplace was crackling and walls were full of colorful flowers that were smelling almost heady. The support beams of the bar were wrapped with feathers, colorful leaves and small skulls, celebrating the great goddess of Death of kukuris. It was also believed that as goddess of the sky, Death would keep her eyes on pirates and protect them from her furious sister who loomed under surface whenever they travelled across oceans. Whatever was the truth, pirates did know how to party for their saviour and protector. Liquor flowed, violins played and everyone was dancing, singing or drinking. It was the crew from same ship where Kyynsointu currently had her home.
Tonight the mermaid was far from her collected self. She had already poured multiple jugs of ale down from her throat and was dancing on the counter alongside with their steerman. The captain was only one who didn't particiate to
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 2 0
Festival of Death, Day 4: Kastanja
Aurinkokajo stepped out from her house and felt the cold north breeze in her colorful coat. The sky was filled with heavy, grey clouds which indicated rain. Small drizzle didn't bother her too much, but her cattle was restless. It would take couple hours from her to move them away from eastern pasture. Aurinkokajo heard steps behind her and turned her gaze, just to see her kukuri coming out as well.
''Today is gonna be a long day, Kastanja'', the chimeric centaur said, ''We need to move cattle and make sure everything is ready for the festival of Death.'' Aurinkokajo wasn't too fond of festival, but ever since she got kukuri herself and started talking about them with her friend Karhunkarva, she'd been more eager to take part of kukuri festivals. Kastanja needed more kukuri interactions, since she clearly had been spending too much time with their dog. Speaking of dog, Reima stepped out from his kennel and stretched himself.
''Why won't you two go check the mousetraps while I'll move c
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Festival of Death, Day 3: Sarastus and Reppana
Sarastus jumped down from the cart and let his legs to stretch after long ride. His daughter, hazel dove named Reppana, dropped down and stumbled couple times on the dry ground.
''Be careful!'' worried dad spoke and rushed in front of his pup, stopping her from running away. Their handler gave some instructions for her kukuris, but candied rook missed over half of them while trying to explain his daughter how to behave. Sarastus lifted Reppana on his back and small pup chirped loudly and happily. This was her first day in the town and first festival of Death overall. Her daddy smiled shyly and turned his head, just to see his companions separating into three groups and wandering completely different ways. He shrugged slightly and followed his handler for a while. He didn't mind the crowd that much, since he knew it was safe in town. Overall noise and ballyhoo did make him uncomfortable though.
Sarastus and Reppana watched how Karhunkarva parked their cart outside the town. Warm breeze
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 2 0
Festival of Death, Day 2: Hunaja and Kaamos
Hunaja shook off the tack on her, when Karhunkarva pulled it roughly off. She took couple steps away from the cart she had been pulling alongside with her mate Kaamos, who was next to be released from gear. Hunaja perked her ears high up and looked around nervously. There were way too many people for her taste. When her mate touched her side gently, she relaxed a little bit.
''Alright now, stay in groups! I don't wanna hear any crying during this festival. If you must go to the other direction than me, it's your own responsibility'', Karhunkarva gave instructions for her small loaf. Kaamos looked around him and was amazed by all the lights and colorful flags hanging from wooden wall surrounding the town. Hunaja lifted her nose and took a long sniff, smelling the pastries and delicacies all around her. Kaamos' mouth watered when he smelled the town's famous pork sausages. Hunaja took her mate by the hand and lead her away from the treats. They didn't have any money, but they had tribute
:iconjalohauki:Jalohauki 3 5
Festival of Death, Day 1: Riekko
The weather was the most beautiful one, when Karhunkarva leaded her little loaf towards the town. Far away over the mountains she was able to hear the drums, harps and flutes and smell the festival food cooking in dozens of ovens. Riekko under her was vibrating excitedly, and her handler had great difficulties to keep the kukuri from not dashing straight away to the town. They had to cross a steep mountain path before they had a chance to lay eyes on their destination. Karhunkarva pulled the bridle a little, just so she could observe the town. It was beaming with life, and Riekko lift her eyes, hearing the festival music from miles away. Her tail started to wag a little, following the rhythm the drums provided to her. Karhunkarva ordered Riekko to move, just so she wouldn't start bouncing again.
''Today we'll have a tons of fun, Riekko'', the miniature centaur said, scraching the skin under kukuris ear. Riekko answered by purring loudly. This was a first festival of Death she could eve
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Horizon Zero Dawn :iconfydraws:fydraws 59 6 Kukuri - Leon and Claire BTT2 :iconcalluna-draconis:Calluna-Draconis 39 8 (Kukuri) Is it here? - Kael and Aradia :iconpaper-rabbit:Paper-Rabbit 30 4 I don't trust it :iconxeebee:xeebee 15 4 Family football [Collab] :iconjrusti:jrusti 16 7 The stories are true! :iconmooshufezrit:MooshuFezrit 7 4 [Event] May I have this dance? :iconpeurankasvo:Peurankasvo 13 4 'Brave The Storm' [BTT1] :iconzen-violetbone:Zen-Violetbone 6 2 [Traveling] The Wolf Cave :iconkeimi9103:Keimi9103 11 4 something feels... off :iconxeebee:xeebee 8 2 Wait :iconxeebee:xeebee 8 1 Stay close and quiet :iconmaramastrullo:MaraMastrullo 135 9 Try Gather 2 :icondeadonarrival:deadonarrival 27 5 Ready, set... :iconechtaria:Echtaria 23 0 'Just Us In The Silent Fog'[Enamored] :iconzen-violetbone:Zen-Violetbone 6 4 I said no :iconxeebee:xeebee 9 3

Who is your favorite handler from currently introduced handlers? Whose adventures you would wanna see more? 

21 deviants said Karhunkarva the miniature centaur (handler of Riekko, Hunaja, Kaamos and Sarastus)
7 deviants said Kyynsointu the pirate shark mermaid (handler of Vainoharha, Raatotanssija and Synti)
6 deviants said Sydämenrohkeus the cyborg-corteer (handler of Pihlaja, Kaiho and Hanki)
6 deviants said You're useless lesbian
1 deviant said Some other kukuri from the loaf (comment to reveal!)


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Arisen by Jalohauki

My first kukuri hit the highest arisen rank, so I'll do what others have done in the same situation!
I'm raffling out breeding slots!

Rules are simple:
~ You can enter all raffles, but win only once!
~ You're allowed to breed kukuris with anyone you want, but you cannot inbreed!
~ Enamored is your responcibility
~ You cannot sell, gift or trade the slots
~ Write eel into comment so I know you've read these rules


Riekko 186 by Kuku-ri
Riekko, also known as Super momma, has produced surprisingly high amount of mutations and extraordinary kukuris
such as jade, silken tail, sphynx, double horn, whiskers, saber and chimera!
Amber with Dalmatian and Collar
Regular ears, Devil horns
Nocturnal, Carnivore
Egg-baby lineage
No chance of empty nest, no matter the partner's rank, and has 10 % chance to produce nest of 4 eggs!


Salvia 575 by Kuku-ri
Riekko's beloved son from her first nest. Hasn't had too many kids yet, but certainly is loving daddy to those few he has.
Hooded Jade with Dalmatian, Collar and Smoke
Regular ears, Devil horns
Nocturnal, Herbivore
Random mutation has chance to inherit to pups!





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